Consultancy & Design

A project entailing a breakthrough and innovation is not the result of mere intuition. It requires a savvy blend of ideas and methodology. The concept Design Thinking proposes an innovative approach that is simultaneously analytical and pragmatic. The goal is twofold: to attain an objective, an application or a “new” service and optimize the user experience.

Design Thinking

For each of your projects, our Innovation Consultation service adopts a Design Thinking approach according to the following methodology:

1. Large-scale analysis of what exists
2. Observation of users and their particular usages
3. Key research for innovation
4. Prototyping
5. Tests
6. Developments and improvements

Our think tank is based on the expertise of the Caiman team: strategy and action plan, looking for opportunities, appropriate methodology, fieldwork, analysis and design.



A cross-cutting activity, dissociated and complementary, the Innovation Consultancy is an integral component in all the areas in which Caiman is involved. From simple cosmetic improvement to the comprehensive design and implementation of an innovative creation, our experience of specifics allows us to advise and assist you with each of your projects. Our philosophy is to consider the ideal user experience as the goal of any innovation, and a driver of development for your business.