We assist you in your product, digital and graphic design projects.
We place the user experience at the heart of your strategy.

Our philosophy can be summed up in three words: innovation, assistance and pragmatism. In contrast to abstract concepts, the way we think about design is based on understanding the needs, strategy and market requirements of our clients. For each project, we carry out field surveys: contextual analysis, surveys of end users, etc. The methodologies implemented allow us to invest in all business sectors. Creation and innovation are thus employed to deal with a specific problem, with the focus being on an optimal user experience.

In addressing innovation through usage, Caiman offers consulting and product, graphic and digital design solutions that meet the needs of businesses according to a culture of quality and realism.



Armand Billard founded CaïMand in 1999. The initial years of activity focused on product design for major groups in the high-tech, industrial and medical sectors. In 2007, Sébastien Corre joined Armand Billard, and CaïMand was renamed Caiman Design. Their backgrounds, mainly in new technologies, justified the progress made by the agency and the markets in which it has invested: medical, high-tech, decorating, child care, etc.

In 2014, to better respond to changes and market expectations, Caiman decided to rethink its position. The agency positioned itself around four new business divisions: Product Design, Digital Design, Graphic Design and Innovation Consultation.


The Team

Both partners today lead a team of 12 people whose backgrounds showcase advanced skills in 3D design, application development, mastery of materials and technology, graphics, and packaging.

To meet the specific needs of each project, this permanent team relies on an extensive network of partners: designers, prototypists, engineers, developers, manufacturers, etc.


The Directors

Armand Billard
Founding Manager
A Product Design graduate of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués et des Métiers d’Arts, Armand Billard began his professional career in 1999 as a freelance designer for major groups. Inspired by an entrepreneurial vision and a strong desire for independence, he soon created the CaïMand brand. In 2005 he decided to travel the world for 2 years. This human adventure will be recounted in a book (« The extraordinary journey of two cousins around the world », published by DECLIC). Upon his return to France, he formed a partnership with Sébastien Corre: CaïMand became Caiman Design. Since 2007, Armand Billard has developed this agency taking on managerial and commercial functions without giving up the rest of his job: design.

Sébastien Corre
Associate Manager
Sébastien Corre graduated from Ecole de Design Nantes Atlantique. In 2004, following a first job at the ALSTOM group, he joined MODELABS, a leading mobile telephone company on demand. The first designer of the company, he has built a team, and established and made full use of the integrated design service. He is responsible for the design of mobile phones under license, but also their graphical interfaces, accessories, packaging, and communication media, especially for the brands Hummer, Airness, Levi’s, Elite Model Look, Body Glove and Virgin Mobile.

In 2007, Sébastien Corre joined Armand Billard in the Caiman venture. As agency manager, he currently applies his expertise in technology and service processes to all projects with rigour and application.



Since its inception, the Caiman agency has been repeatedly recognized for its work. These awards are a testament to the quality of involvement and the skills possessed by the team. Their creations first meet client expectations but also the criteria for excellence of design professionals.



Observeur du design award APCI, for the SMOP (SMall Office Platform™), Mooltibox.
Observeur du design award APCI, Prix Français du Design for l’eADU, Fives Cinetic.


Observeur du design award APCI for the Freebox Crystal, Free.
Observeur du design award APCI, for the watch Vea Buddy, Vea Digital.
TMC award Communications Solutions Product of the year, for the My IC Phone interface, Alcatel-Lucent.


Observeur du design award APCI, for the WATTBALL, Watt&Co.


International CES award Design & Engineering innovations, CEA i-stage competition, Finalist, for Oxygen Audio, O’Car.
IF Award Product Design (Prix Européen), for My IC Phone, Alcatel Lucent.
Observeur du Design award APCI, for My IC Phone, Alcatel Lucent.


Observeur du Design star APCI, for the Sulky ProCarbon, Brooker.


Observeur du Design award APCI, for the DECT Gateway, Inventel.


Observeur du Design star APCI, for the DECT Macaron, Inventel Thomson.


The clients

They have confidence in us: